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Computer Graphics

This section includes my experiences with computer graphics using the OpenGL library on a framework. Our teachers gave us a base framework to start with and we improve it. All of these are school projects/assignments for this subject.

Key Features:

  • Graphical buffers
  • Transformation matrices
  • Hierarchical modelling
  • Lighting
  • Using a skyplane
  • Creating an uneven terrain
  • Multi-texturing
  • Fog
  • Billboards and Particles
  • Sprite animations
  • Shadows

For this project, I re-created a character from a game using primitive shapes only (spheres, cubes, cones, cylinders, etc), and set it to do some simple actions/interactions.

I chose to re-create Toad (of Nintendo fame) who will throw a spinning red shell in my simulation as seen here:

For this project, I re-created a scene in which my character from the previous project (Toad) could move in, and interact with the environment.

Stepping on the buttons on the grass brings up more wooden planks to walk on.

In this project, I implemented the more advanced features (from the list at the top of this page). In this project, we were tasked to add multiple advanced computer graphics to a new scene that should look like a level in a game (or close enough).

I decided to theme my project around the theme of Tomb Raider (2013) which had many scenes in which the place was run-down, deserted and gloomy. The game also had multiple mountainous areas though I lowered the heights of my terrain for practical purposes. The game also included many evacuated homes and wooden planks/bridges. However, these objects were not modeled by me. Our teachers allowed us to use free online assets as she wanted us to focus on the computer graphics programming aspect.

  • Date Semester 2 (Aug 2014 – Mar 2015) & Semester 3 (Apr 2015 – Oct 2015)

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