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Game Development Techniques

This section includes the techniques of making a full game that I was taught. These include:

For 3D features:

  • Real time loop logic
  • 3D camera manipulation
  • Setting up mouse and keyboard controls
  • GUI
  • Game audio using Irrklang library

For 2D features:

  • Background scrolling and parallax scrolling
  • Using a tile map
  • Location triggers
    For both 3D and 2D:
  • Design patterns, namely: singleton, strategy, factory

Advanced Features:

  • Game Scene Management
  • Spatial Partitioning
  • Collision detection
  • Ray tracing
  • Visibility/Level-of-Detail
  • Lua Scripting
  • Game AI

These projects were made on the same framework we ended up with after the “Computer Graphics” section.

For this project, I created a 3D first-person-shooter using the things that I learnt. My simulation has a working minimap, full weapon system (reload, ammo, etc), dummy targets and a jump function based on gravity.

For this project, we were tasked to create a 2D game (any genre) with 2 levels. I chose to create a static, screen-based platforming game for my 1st level and an “endless runner” kind of game for my 2nd level.

1st screenshot is of static screen platformer.
2nd screenshot is of “endless runner”.

For this project, we were tasked to do a 3rd-person game using the advanced techniques (as mentioned in the description on the top of the page) that we have learnt.

3rd person camera:

Spatial partitioning grid highlighted on the floor.

  • Date Semester 3 (Apr 2015 – Oct 2015)

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