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Studio Projects

A “Studio Project”(SP) is a name we have given to our end-of-semester project. We would have to form groups of 4 or 5 to make something. These are usually games or simulations.

  • SP1: Ascii/windows console game
  • SP2: Supermarket simulation
  • SP3: Full 3D/2D game

In this project, we were tasked to make an ascii + windows console based game from what we learned. Since we haven’t learnt that much, we really tried our best to implement interesting features with simple codes.

Task List for SP1:

  • Ascii art
  • Terminating condition (Death condition)
  • Helped with old-school-styled name entry screen (rotating letters from A-Z by pressing up/down

The aim of the game we created (below) is to catch the balls that the person on the top of the screen throws towards you. You lose if you get hit too many times.

In this project, we were tasked to create a supermarket simulation where the player can interact with certain objects. We were also tasked to make multiple game modes to make the game more interesting.

Task List for SP2:

  • Mouse based camera control
  • Loading objects into the scene
  • Switching on/off the lights
  • Jumping
  • Toilet area (water flush system and turning on/off the tap on the sink)
  • Sliding door
  • Time and position based AI for 1 of the NPCs

In this project we were to given a choice to make either a 2D game or a 3D game with the theme of stealth. My team had chosen to do a 3D game. This project was quite difficult for me because there were a lot of new things that I had to try and implement.

Task List for SP3:

  • Level Design (for level 1)
  • Enemy movement
  • Enemy “AI”
  • User interface
  • Pop-up texts
  • Lion’s “AI”

The aim of the game we created is to find the 4 keys scattered throughout the game world, while trying to do it stealthily.

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